Personal training
in Lugano

One to one. Individual program
Loncego Sistem

Toning of 360 muscles. Relaxation of blocked muscles.
Weight loss. Metabolism. Drainage. Physiotherapeutic effect.
All in 20 minutes.
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6 Sessions
300 CHF
40 CHF
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  • 240 CHF
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12 Sessions
580 CHF
38.8 CHF
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24 Sessions
1100 CHF
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36 Sessions
1600 CHF
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Our training programs are based on scientific data research
The Loncego device we use meets the highest quality standards
We respect the health and hygiene regulations according to the UFSP guidelines
Our short workouts take place wearing a special suit with integrated electrodes that during training send
electrical impulses directly to the muscles. During the training, the muscles receive multiple impulses
of tension and relaxation, thus increasing their metabolism.
EMS does not load the joints, so the workouts are suitable for people of any age, even those with problems
to the joints.

Benefits with us and Loncego

  • Tones and Hardens
    Activate more than 300 muscles
    The impulses stimulate all muscles in the body, including agonists and antagonists simultaneously.
  • Helps to lose weight fast
    1200 kcal in 20 min
    EMS stimulates muscle strengthening: the more muscles you have the more calories you burn and this helps you to lose weight quickly.
  • Increase stamina
    The endurance of the participants improved by 71% on average.
  • Time saving
    20 minutes
    A short EMS workout replaces
    2 hours of training in the gym.
  • Training with a personal trainer
    Personalized and individual program with dietary advice.
  • First results visible already after
    High intensity workouts with a noticeable increase in metabolism.

Extra benefits

  • Anti-cellulite and anti-aging effects
    EMS Loncego programs are used
    for electrostimulated lipolysis, to reduce body fat and improve blood circulation: it is very useful in the fight against cellulite.
  • Lifting effect on the skin
    The electrical impulse is absolutely safe
    as it is analogous to the natural process
    of muscle contraction of the body. In addition
    it has a rejuvenating and toning effect on
    the skin.
Additional positive effects
85-100 HZ

The medium frequency program improves
of lymphatic circulation
by helping to drain excess fluids and increase blood flow.
7 HZ

The low-frequency "Metabolism" program is suitable
for rapid weight loss.
More than 80%
It reduces
back pain

Helps prevent upcoming and worsening of all musculoskeletal pains.
In addition to general pain, it acts with particular attention on those pain affecting the back.
Up to 700%
Strengthens the immune system

After practicing EMS, studies have found an increase in mitochondria.
EMS is suitable for everyone, especially for whom:
Has back problems
Has joint problems
Doesn't have time
Is over 60 years old
Women after pregnancy
People with trauma
Wants to lose weight quickly
Wants individual training
Book a trial workout for 20 CHF
  • Hi Malika, I wanted to thank you! After 1 month and I lost 5 kg. The mood has improved a lot too! I
    wanted to thank you, I was a bit doubtful at first but now I'm really happy to have started the weight loss
    program with you! Thanks again, see you on Wednesday.
  • Hi guys!! I hadn't been able to put on pants and shirt for a while thank you all !!! Especially my wife who
    supports me in the change of diet and Malika who wears me out in the "frying" workouts of the
    muscles good day everyone !!!
Frequently asked questions about EMS
  • 1. Can pain or injuries appear during training?
    There will be no painful sensations. You will feel pulses that can be compared to a strong jet of hydromassage in the pool.
  • 2. Can I lose weight fast with workouts?
    Yes, this is one of the main benefits of EMS. Quick and effective weight loss to get rid of the extra pounds.
  • 3. Do electrical impulses have a negative effect on the human body?
    No. Durante l'allenamento gli impulsi sono alimentati da uno speciale macchinario EMS che ha il medesimo effetto dell'impulso neurologico dell'uomo che attiva il muscolo.
  • 4. Are there any age restrictions?
    No. EMS fitness is suitable for any age, as there is very little load on the spine, joints and heart.
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